Was it just a cloud, or was it a UFO?

A while ago during a rainy patch in the high desert of Southern California, I saw the strangest sight.  I was driving down the street, and before me was a cloud formation. We get a lot of clouds up here in the mountains, but this was no ordinary cloud. It looked like something  from a sci-fi movie. Resembling a spaceship, it did not move like normal clouds, it just sort of — hovered. As I continued to drive, it followed me. I arrived at the mall, parked and just sat in the car and watched. (Mind you, all these pictures are taken from my car. I was not about to get out.) It was getting dark, and the cloud was still there. I decided to go home, and when I got back on the main street, the cloud was suddenly ahead of me, moving in a rapid swoosh movement. In less than a minute it was gone. So what had I just seen? Was it a UFO, or was it just a strange cloud?

I may never know what it was, but it sure gave me one of those “close encounters” sort of feeling. If they were visitors, I’m kind of glad they didn’t beam me up!