The Zoo!

The color on the flamingo is gorgeous!

Megan Has OCD

I would first like to thank everyone for taking the survey 🙂  It was an incredibly opportunity to get to read them and to get to know some of my fellow bloggers a bit better.  If everyone is ok with it, I would love to post the results of the survey in an upcoming post 🙂 Just let me know otherwise!

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My Elusive Neighbours!

Stunning photos!

The Urge To Wander

It has been a good season for the mango tree caressing my fourth floor kitchen window. It’s branches are heavy with fruit, and two mangoes close enough to reach out and touch, were eliciting so much attention, I had to run in and grab my camera!

Squirrel eating mango

First it was this furry friend who was so busy gorging he didn’t have time to lift his head and say hello.

Parrot & mango

Then this beauty weighed the pros and cons of an unripe fruit nearby…….

Parrot & mango

………………and hopped on over to the tried and tested one.

Parrot & mango

Followed by her elusive cousin who threw caution to the winds and ignored the crazy lady with the black thingie for a change!

Midway through the feast my camera got distracted and latched onto this wise old lady meditating in the background……..

Parrot in the background

………who did deign to turn around and show me her pretty face.

Parrot in the background

Thank you for visiting and…

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Still Life Competition Shortlist – Day Three

Good luck, everyone!

The Digital Lightroom

All this week we will be posting the shortlisted pictures in the Still Life DLR Photography Competition.  We have shortlisted 10 pictures and on Saturday, these 10 pictures will be posted again with the opportunity for everyone to vote for the photograph they feel deserves the top prize. The shortlist is in no particular order…

Fishy Lot by Sandra D’Souza

Fishy Lot by Sandra D'SouzaSpacer

Absence by Sorin Ifrim

Absence by Sorin Ifrim

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